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Supply Chain Management

In today's world, an organization's Supply Chain must deliver customer service at a competitive cost. While this is the known goal, the challenge is instituting the needed changes in the right sequence to ensure the effort delivers real results. Our extensive background allows us to assist you in selecting the right sequence of projects with the best approach for solving complex problems.

Outsourcing, Insourcing, Total Logistics and Response time all have new meanings.

Supply Chain Performance Measure Management

  • Designed and implemented a new performance system for the firm's Supply Chain, which included measurers on Safety, Quality, Cost Control, and Customer Service.
  • RESULTS: Dramatic improvements in all criteria as the organization worked against logical and committed targets. Customer Service improved from 96% to 98% and costs decreased by $1 million.

MRP Enhancements for a Lean Manufacturer
  • Lead consultant for the overhaul of the MRP system to integrate Lean Concepts to the Material planning and Production Scheduling.
  • RESULTS: Reduced inventory by 10%, set savings targets of 5% annual cost savings, established project portfolio and tracking method to achieve the savings.