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Management Controls & Performance Measures

Effective Management Controls should not exist just to satisfy regulations. Effective and cost-effective controls bring order to the organization and focus everyone's attention on the key critical performance measures.

We have proven results in developing and managing controls allows us to assist you in tuning the organization for today and the future.

Performance Measure Management

  • Designed and implemented a new performance system for the firm's Supply Chain, which included measurers on Safety, Quality, Cost Control, and Customer Service.
  • RESULTS: Dramatic improvements in all criteria as the organization worked against logical and committed targets. Customer Service improved from 96% to 98% and costs decreased by $1 million.

Corporate Planning Controls
  • At a major juice producer we implemented new controls and processes to support the strategic oversight and financial review of all company strategies and performance evaluation.
  • RESULTS: As a result of improved controls the firm grew three fold and improved ROE from 3% to 16%.